Monochromatic Painted Half Bath!

Monochromatic brings such depth to any room, as an accent wall or an entire room. Scroll down to read how to choose the right shade and other interesting comments about monochromatic accents.

Choose three shades of the same color for a coordinated room that pops!

How to choose colors for monochromatic rooms?

Select all three colors from the “warm” or “cool” palette of the color wheel for foolproof coordination. Warm colors include all shades of red, orange and yellow. Cool colors are violets, greens and blues. Using three shades of the same color makes color coordination even easier. For example, in these pictures, we used Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select in a Matte finish. The colors from top to bottom: Calm, Barren Plain, and Stone Harbor which created such a clean, sharp look.

Painting horizontal lines also gives the appearance of a larger room. No matter which three colors you choose, keep trim colors white or off-white unless you intend to repaint them throughout the entire house. Using the same neutral color on all trim pieces creates a sense of connection from one room to the next.

Creating these perfect lines takes a lot of patience and a meticulous eye. Let Carrie’s Creations bring this fabulous look to your home. Call/text/email today for your free quote. 704-402-7860

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