repainting exterior door - Belmont NC

Repainting of Front Door Belmont, NC

Exterior Door Color: Loyal Blue (Color Matched)

I don’t think we could have hand-picked a more beautiful door to revitalize. This door has great bones and we knew it wasn’t going to be hard to give it new life!

The home is located in a Belmont, NC. neighborhood that is governed by a homeowners association who approves paint choices. The homeowner originally chose Loyal Blue from Sherwin-Williams, which we color matched in Benjamin Moore with the help of the folks at Magnolia Paint Store.

This door required a few additional steps in the painting process because it was originally stained in an oil-based stain, which we converted to a waterborne paint.

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repainting exterior door - Belmont NC
Repainting Exterior Door – Belmont NC
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What is the Best Way to Paint an Exterior Door?

The best way to paint your front door is to contact us, we eliminate the hassle!

But if you feel compelled to paint an exterior door yourself, continue reading and we will share a few handy tips. This door was originally stained in an oil-based stain. Here is how to paint over an oil-based stain with a waterborne paint:

  • You must first sand and clean with TSP. We sanded twice.
  • We primed with Stix that was tinted in a darker color to help cover the door in two coats of paint.
  • We lightly sanded again and cleaned once more.
  • We then applied 2 coats of ben Extertior Paint low luster.

Painting Caution: Consider temperature before painting! This door had to reach at least 40° before painting. 

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