Stained Wood Butcher Block Island

How to Stain a Wood Butcher Block Island

This Stain Adds POP to White Kitchen Cabinets

We don’t just paint walls and trim, we transform furniture too! This request came from a customer located in the historical Myers Park neighborhood who desired a “pop” of color against her white kitchen cabinets, while minimizing the red tones that were reflected from the exposed brick wall. We wanted to maintain the old world charm that is consistent throughout this lovely home and felt that having the wood grain visible would help achieve this charm. Painting the island would have smothered the wood grain and given a more uniform look. So, what do you do when paint isn’t the correct medium for the job? Investigate wood stain!

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Minwax Stain – Ebony

We transformed the wood pine butcher block island into an eye catching ebony piece. The transformation was achieved with two coats of Minwax Ebony stain. The Ebony color absorbed the red tones that were often seen in natural light. Minwax is an oil-based stain that has little odor and suitable for indoor use.

Wood Stained Kitchen Table Before
Wood Stained Butcher Block Island – Before Save Me
Wood Stained Island After
Wood Stained Butcher Block Island – After Save Me

Staining Process of Wood Island

  • We started by sanding off the original clear coat.
  • Cleaned thoroughly with TSP cleaner and allowed it to dry.
  • After TSP cleaner dried, we applied the first coat of Minwax Ebony stain and allowed it to dry for 4-6 hours.
  • Added second coat.
  • Waited overnight to apply the Minwax Polyurethane Clear coat satin sheen.

You must wait 24 hours after the clear coat to start using the surface, and then only light use.  After one week you can begin to use as normal, but some people prefer to wait longer.

Wood Stained Wood Stained Table AfterSave Me

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